Smoothwall Black and Gold Container
Smoothwall Black and Gold Container
Smoothwall Black and Gold Large Foil Entree / Take-Out Pan with Dome Lid
Whether your customers are taking home leftovers, picking up take-home orders, or buying a freshly cooked meal from your grocery store, this take-out container is the perfect choice. The large size of this container makes it perfect for taking home heaping entrees, as well as shareable sides and appetizers. Its sturdy construction and attractive design also make this container ideal for meal service on trains and corporate flights.
Saving Time and Money
For conveniently heating and reheating your food, this container is oven and grill safe so that products can be simply popped onto the heat. This container is also disposable so that you can simply throw it out after use, saving you time on clean up. With contrasting black and gold colors, this take-out pan will add a high-end look to your to-go service!
Secure and Polished
The foil material is puncture-resistant to ensure that your food stays secure and will not leak out. In addition, the ribbed PET plastic lid rolls securely onto the edge of the pan to further ensure that your food stays in place. This take-out pan is perfect for grab-and-go use since it presents a polished look even as it keeps your food contained and fresh.

Choice Storage Solutions
Designing and creating products with the cost-efficient consumer in mind, Choice provides high-quality items for a low, economical price, and this product is no exception. For an easy solution to your take out needs, look no further than this food storage solution from Choice!

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